The Empire of Caprica and the Kingdom of the Low Islands, collectively known as the Caprican Empire, maintains a 'State of the Art' Defence Force. This consists of a 'Blue Water' Fleet, an Air Force, a 'White Water' Patrol Fleet and a standing army with reservists. Just over half of the Caprican Empire's Defence Budget (10% of GDP) is targeted towards research, development, training, recruitment and pay. The remainder spent on hardware. HIM Caprican Armed Forces has been systematically developed to act as both a National Defence Force and as a readily deployable 'Overseas Force' capable of speedily neutralising any international or terrorist body threat to the Caprican Empire and its Allies.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Destroyers Leave Port

HIMS Prince Eugene and HIMS Prince Consort left the Port of Alexandria yesterday to join HIMS Catherine the Great in a joint training mission named 'Freedom'. The mission will see the combined use of the tried and tested orbital technology, sea based technology and inter-ship technology co-ordinated from Romsdalfjord, the main military logistics base north of Alexandria. 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Duchy of Prevarica's Nuclear Facility Explodes!

Third World Technology Contaminates Minifigs!

The minor area of Prevarica has contaminated all around!  Whilst trying and both failing in its efforts to be a world Minifig Nation the Duchy has proven itself to be a monstrous contaminator of the Minifig World.  Its recent nuclear facility this evening exploded devastating the 'capital', the so called city of 'Davidium' named after the Duke David in recent weeks. 

The Duchy has yet to understand the science behind its 'so called' scientific advance.  Cvaprican satellites procured these pictures in the last few minute of the huge explosions of the Prevarican Nuclear Facility.

Prevarican Nuclear Tech has imploded and is no longer deemed a threat. 


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

New Requistions

Two New Type 46.2 Destroyers on order...

Two new 'State of the Art' destroyers are on order for the Imperial Fleet.  Along with the present fleet of 21st Century ships, these Destroyers will work in synchronous collaboration with High Orbital Satellites and computer controlled systems at the MODFA HQ (based at an undisclosed location within the Empire). 
Caprica and its investment allies could (if we would want to) rule the World.  But it is HIM Government's and the responsibility of any Diplomatic Government to ensure freedom of play (until it gets out of hand). 


Sunday, 28 July 2013

State of Legoland an Annoyance

Reports from the State of Legoland suggest it's Annoyance!

Caprican warships have been dispatched worldwide to maintain peace amongst Lego states.  Three heavily armed destroyers, HIMS Prince Eugene, HIMS Prince Consort and HIMS Catherine the Great are offshore in international waters monitoring Legoland activities. 

The State of Legoland has recently heinously insulted both racially and internationally other fellow states and minifigs and apparently declared war on a minor racially tolerant state. 

Many attributes of the Lego State are in target site.  Should Legoland declare war against PALS Treaties, Caprica and its many allies will destroy Legoland and its base Empire in an attempt to regain World Lego Peace.

HIM Tsar Peter III and MP Winston Spencer hold their hand on the Red Button.  They await Legoland's response...

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Armed Forces Reveal New 'Conqueror'

The Eagerly Anticipated 'Conqueror' is Unveiled!

Years in research and development, pictures of the 'Conqueror' have finally been released.  The 'Conqueror' is the zenith of present Caprican technology.  It incorporates RADAR reducing design features making it seem like a cyclist!  It has a twin canon with a range of 10 miles and is also a troop transport, capable of transporting 10 marines per unit. 
TIMs The Tsar and Tsarina inspect the new Conqueror Tank/Troop Transport


TIMs The Tsar and Tsarina inspect the new Conqueror Tank/Troop Transport with soldiers of the Caprican Armed Forces.  HIM is Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces

Monday, 22 April 2013

New Military Budget Announced

New Military Spending Announced

The Eulenbourg today has given the go ahead for a squadron of the newly developed, twin gun, 'Conqueror' Tank.  The 'Conqueror' has heavy armour and uses stealth design researched and developed by Caprican Ordnance Building Industries.  The technology will make the 'Conqueror' both invincible and almost invisible by RADAR detection from the air or by sea. The 'Conqueror' secures Caprican defences in the homelands and would make the Caprican Defence Force a very hostile and destructive power should it be engaged abroad.  HIM Caprican Armed Forces is now the best equipped minifig force in the world.

Be proud, Be Caprican

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Imperial Navy Deployed

PBR Test Rocket

The Imperial Navy has deployed HIMS Prince Eugene to international waters off of the PBR in response to the proposed rocket launch from the PBR. 

Analysts from the Alexandrian Institute of Technology have declared their views of the rocket launch as 'highly unstable', resulting in the Imperial Navy deploying HIMS Prince Eugene; a ship capable of neutralising the rocket should it 'go wrong' after launch. 

MODFA statement: 'If the PBR launch that, it will go bang, we'll make sure it goes bang over their heads and not ours, preferably over the sea and thus not harming any minifigs.  We implore the PBR not to launch. It looks dangerous!  As a friend, Caprica is at hand to neutralise the rocket should it be deemed a threat on its trajectory... if it makes it'.